Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ceramic business club is a trading company that i have join since september 2008...and so far, with doing this business, i have received thousands of ringgit per month.

personally i want to tell you all that if you do trading with this company, surely 100% u can create your own income with 0% risk of losing your money.

firstly, for your information, this is not a investment scheme.

the man who introduce to me this business is my own friend who study at the same place as mine. thank you to him because with this opportunity, i have no problem with my financial problem.

this company is a franchise company of the vantage product.the most famous product of ceramic material. with the audition by bank negara, it has won many award in just one year of establishment.

the award that won by this company is, SME and SMI award in asia pacific, excellent brand given by our prime minister, Pak Lah, KERISS award (due to the loyalty of company giving bonuses to their member) and many more.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tell Me More

Tell me more is a software to teach students to improve their english in grammar and also pronouncation.

This type of learning is quick learning method.
Students will fast to understand although they just study by themselves in their room.

McCulloch Steam Cleaner

The Mcculloch Steam Cleaner is a new version of cleaner that is portable and so easy to use.

The price is reasonable i think compare to other branded steam cleaner. The price is only cost USD 200 something.. When we convert it to Malaysian Ringgit it only cost about RM 680 nett..

Due to the statement of the company has given, the chief excutive officer said that this steam cleaner is fully high-tech. It was made with long lasting durability.

So, to any housewives that wanted to make their lives easier, i recommend them to have this.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today the berita harian newspaper said the government has reduced the price of petrol from RM2.55 to RM2.45.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, our prime minister said the price was reduced to understand more about the citizens' burden due to the high price of petrol.

in my opinion, the government has made the right choice.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


tickets for returning home on Hari Raya holidays are sold out..

due to Berita Harian newspaper, the government would like to alert all the citizen to take precaution to the unlicensed people that selling uncertified tickets.

There were many cases recorded that customer been cheated on unvalid ticket.

So, as bus consumers, i would like to inform u all to take more precaution steps on buying the tickets.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Motorcycles

Last 2 months Honda Boon Siew has create a new Honda Wave motorcycle named Wave 125X. This model is extremely sporty with many new featured. A new technology also has been included to this model known as Organic Sport. This technology is used to reduce the fuel consumption.

Last 2 months also, after a week this motorcycles had been advertised, i bought it cashed with my own savings. I already used it for 2 months and i would proudly say that this is a high quality product.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Petrol oh Petrol~!!

Dont u all blame the government because of the increase and decrease of the petrol price. This is not determined by them. The petrol price is standardysed by the world petrol market-price.

Some said that we the producer country of petrol should has lower petrol price. Actually not~!!!

From my opinion:

Yes! We are petrol-producer country. BUT! our petrol is a very good quality type. It is such a waste when we use our local petrol which the superior high quality petrol to be used in the car and motorcycle. Our petrol is actually suitable use for the laucnh of rocket, and some other chemical usage in industry. So, our goverment has decided to export our petrol and import another lower quality petrol. This is what we call trading country business. The trade has give a lot of profit for Malaysia. This circumstances has made Malaysia more modern and urban because of the wealth of earthsources. This profit has give us the list below :


and also THE SUBSIDI to the people that blame the government for the price petrol.

the money from the trade has improve the malaysian lifestyle and our country itself.

so, it is different from other country such as iraq and quwait that is also a producer country of petrol and has lowest price (estimately 40 cents per litre) but we can see how differ the dusty country from our well building build country.

p/s : dont blame the government. if still want to, never claimed the subsidi.